In Review: Lucy Feliz - 'Magic Hour'

The Brighton-based artist offers a refreshing brand of melancholy on her latest single.
Posted: 15 June 2020 Words: Jess Edwards

‘Magic Hour’ is the first insight of Brighton-based Lucy Feliz’s second album Last of The Sun. Recorded in New Zealand with acclaimed producer Ben Edwards (Aldous Harding, Julia Jacklin, Nadia Reid) the track is an ethereal splendour of all things fanciful. 

Saturated with an abundance of alluring touches, the track is intrinsically immersive, with each delicately placed element an exquisite addition to the celestial soundscape. Psychedelic guitar parts matched with Feliz’s ghostly vocal create a colourful harmonic palette of sound complimentary of the hope sensed within her lyrics. Although seemingly optimistic, Feliz’s writings reflect a paradox of nonchalant lyrical swirls – “Oh sometimes / We need to find reason why / Reason for the mind.” 

The imagery conceived within ‘Magic Hour’ is simply hypnotic, a captivating observation inside the virtuous mind of Feliz herself. Introduced in the closing moments of the track, a fuzz guitar line decays with her angelic vocals encompassing the songs detached elation: “Don’t you wish you had to live forever after / Happy ever after...” 

‘Magic Hour’ is a promising first taste of what to expect from Lucy Feliz in the coming months. 

Last of The Sun will be released 28th August on OK Pal Records

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