In Review: Julia Jacklin - 'to Perth, before the border closes' / 'CRY'

Jacklin's duo of singles for Sub Pop's Singles Club serve as self-reflective, appreciative reminders to people that there's nothing wrong with a release of emotion.
Posted: 21 October 2020 Words: Charlie Bristow

Julia Jacklin quickly became renowned for her beautiful song-writing, and she has delivered yet again with her newest singles ‘to Perth, before the border closes’ and ‘CRY’ for Sub Pop's Singles Club Vol.5. - both anecdotal tracks of self-reflection and appreciation for what our world can still offer in tandem with the difficulties that can also arise, they serve as reminders for people that there is nothing wrong with a release of emotion.

‘to Perth, before the border closes’ a contemplative track complete with tender guitar and bass tracks details the difficulty of change in a person, really creating a metaphor for 2020 as a whole. “Everything changes”, Jacklin repeats, grabbing the listener, leading them into their own subjective reminiscence of the last ten months or so, and further. Building to an effective crescendo then subsequently calming, the transition is perhaps symbolic of the chaos followed by the calm of life itself, whilst still reminding us that things do change for the better and everything is only temporary.

‘CRY’ begins with 1950s-esque harmonic vocals before delving into a visceral story of depression. Taking over a person’s mannerisms and life, how they try to mask it from others whilst also explaining that there is 'nothing wrong' with the liberation of pent-up feelings. All done over a swaying backing track that, despite its simplicity, really ties the piece together and creates a contrasting sense of uplift.

It is refreshing that there are still artists who create music to make a listener cry one minute, and smile the next. Jacklin’s lovable persona brings a feeling of attachment to her through her well-crafted and relatable lyrics. She generates a sense of empathy, undoubtedly the most engaging side of her music. Although 2020 has been a self-admitted year of musical difficulty for Jacklin, these tracks bring a charming return to her delicate but expressive musical touch.

To hear more from Julia Jacklin, click here.

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