In Review: Fenne Lily - 'Berlin'

Seeking comfort in solitude, the Bristolian troubadour's latest single was coincidentally inspired by the aspects of life that have grown tiresome of late.
Posted: 6 August 2020 Words: Jess Edwards

Spending one month alone in any city away from home will leave anyone with a story to tell. For singer-songwriter Fenne Lily, her souvenir was an obsolete collection of voice notes and a sketchbook filled with scribblings from her time in the German capital at age 21, resulting in recent single 'Berlin'.

Seeking comfort in solitude, the Bristolian troubadour was coincidentally inspired by the aspects of life that have grown tiresome of late: "On the plane ride home, my phone packed up and I lost all my song ideas from my trip. Initially, it felt as though I'd lost a part of my brain, but gradually pieces started to come back to me. To help the remembering process, I tried to picture all the things that surrounded me during my time alone in Berlin. The more I pictured these mundane objects, the more lost ideas I could remember. This song was one of these ideas." 

Now at 23, she shares 'Berlin', a tender recollection of a meandering experience. It's the second release of her forthcoming sophomore album, BREACH, following on from the newly upbeat lead single 'Alapathy'Co-produced alongside Ali Chant and Brian Deck, 'Berlin' also features guest vocals from indie-rock favourite Lucy Dacus supporting the purity of Fenne's honest lyricism and her effortless delivery. A promising second taste of what to expect from her Dead Ocean's debut. 

Inspired by a dream Fenne had "about an illustrated man eating his own brain for breakfast", we're also treated to the beautiful animations of Henry Dunbar in the track's lyric video, reflective of "both the comfort and claustrophobia of the everyday, and how company can be found in everything when you're left with only yourself and an alien place." 

BREACH is out on September 18th via Dead Oceans

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