In Review: Cub Sport - LIKE NIRVANA

With the Brisbane four-piece ready to transpire, their fourth album beams a newfound freedom.
Posted: 24 July 2020 Words: Georgia Spanos

Four-piece Brisbane sweethearts, Cub Sport, sing identity, feeling soft, falling hard, and ultimately the growth that has freed them along the way in their latest album, LIKE NIRVANAYet like many lessons in life, the band teaches us that this could be just the beginning.

Tim Nelson – lead singer, songwriter and producer of Cub Sport – greets the LP confessing "I love you, I love you, I love you", and immediately after, "I’d die for you, I’d die for you, I’d die for you", as we’re quick to recognise the equal bright and dark lights ahead. I’m settled by the foundations that have been set, and I’m ready to transpire. 

'Confessions' reveals exposure through the journey of untying pressure, and is sung through – as suggested by the name – a confessional-type stance. The soothing chorus reminds us that your deep truths can be calm, too. 'My Dear (Can I Tell You My Greatest Fears)' builds on this boldness: "Are you sure you can handle my tears", alike to sharing insecurities with someone you love – it could easily sing you to sleep.

Then there’s 'I Feel Like I’m Changin’'a welcomed turn of faith with the confident chorus "I used to hate these mismatched houses, now they make me smile". 'Drive' is instantly something you’d want humming on the radio while cruising down an open, empty road to nowhere – and to ensure we don’t doze too far, a rattling snare keeps us perfectly in time. 'Nirvana' invites a playful persona with a catchy backbeat creeping slowly and surely into the foreground, finally leaving with its parting groove.

A third cluster of the record finishes the album, with 'Saint' making our shoulders sway, and '18' being a flashback of love and perspective: "This right here is the best I’ve ever had", relaying the importance of the present. The ending track, 'Grand Canyon', solidifies it all, with farewell lyrics encouraging us to keep fighting for your faith, but then your growth is not over - "You’re a mountain baby, Grand Canyon, you hold all the power if you believe it then you can". 

LIKE NIRVANA is out now on Cub Sport Records / Believe.

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