In Review: Crack Cloud - 'Ouster Stew'

The irregular Canadian collective share a thrilling teaser from their forthcoming second album, a violent tumult of sound that resonates with the unsure time we're currently facing.
Posted: 26 May 2020 Words: Rebecca Ormsby

Crack Cloud, an uncontainable collective who reflect on destructive issues via their fluid form of visual art and music, mould various pains of the past into an instrument for personal growth and communication. This adds a certain weight to their new single, ‘Ouster Stew’, crafting a tangible and hopeful art form.

Echoing a classic post-punk sound whilst simultaneously constructing something that sounds refreshing, Zach Choy’s rigid vocals combine with the sharp guitar and fragmented synth to create hard edges of expression, a reflection of the collective’s uncompromising strength and union. This stomping structure of sound battles with spasmodic piano and saxophone ruptures, tangling the sound in a web of eccentricity.

The violent tumult of sound resonates with the unsure time we're currently experiencing, it's thundering drum solo mirroring a natural, pent-up release in this unstructured era. 'Ouster Stew' paints a vivid montage of collected experiences, marking the collective’s ever transgressing intensity which, in tandem with the dystopian music video, creates a perception of freedom through pain. 

In support of impending second album Pain Olympics out on 17th July via Meat Machine, the multi-faceted Canadian collective have revealed dates for their November tour, an opportunity for their fully fleshed-out vision to be realised on the stage.

To hear more from Crack Cloud, click here.

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