In Review: The Avalanches - 'Take Care in Your Dreaming'

With the backing of Denzel Curry, Tricky, and Sampa the Great, the Melbourne duo continue their trip-hop trajectory into the unknown and unexpected, with astral and anthemic results.
Posted: 16 September 2020 Words: Alex Orr

Considering the wait between their last two albums was a whopping 16 years, The Avalanches are moving at a relative breakneck speed, with just over four years separating their newest album We Will Always Love You (out later this year) and 2016’s Wildflower. Many bands and artists who forego their usual release schedule in favour of a swift release can struggle to create quality, innovative entries into their catalogue, but based on their recent slew of singles The Avalanches are set to release what may be their best album yet.

The psychedelic trip-hop that has dominated the atmosphere of previous 2020 singles ‘Wherever You Go’ and ‘Music Makes Me High’ is once again out in full force here. From the opening sounds of auto-tuned crooning to both guest verses (from alt-rapper Denzel Curry and Melbourne’s Sampa the Great), there’s a certain gravitas to this track that isn’t present in previous singles. The space motif (both visually and musically) is carried through here, with the production creating a soundscape that feels both grandiose and minimalist. Each guest verse sits in the song well, with the final chorus building to a crescendo of voices that carry a necessary melancholic poignancy when tackling the heavier subject matter the featuring artists tackle.

The topic of unrealised dreams is downbeat, but the song does not dwell on lack of success, rather focusing on the experience of navigation of the unknown and unexpected. It’s a beautiful sentiment that’s carried well by all involved, even if it isn’t the most original subject matter. The main choral line “take care in your dreaming, and love when you can” is perhaps more relevant than ever in 2020 - a line that is bound to be sung by huge crowds once the live industry re-opens, and The Avalanches finally play shows again.

We Will Always Love You is out via Astralwerks on 11th December.

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