'Quarantunes' with PINS

We're getting recommendations from our favourite artists, seeing which tracks, or 'Quarantunes' are helping them traverse this strange new world. Next up, it's bold, slick, and newly streamlined punk-trio PINS.
Posted: 26 May 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Throughout this series we're getting recommendations from our favourite artists, seeing which tracks, or 'Quarantunes' are helping them traverse this strange new world. Next up, it's PINS.

Forever willing shapeshifters, Manchester punk band PINS have embraced a precise visual style to suit their newfound simplicity as a three-piece, and now verge on their boldest, sharpest, and dare I say slickest statement yet with release of third album Hot Slick this Friday (29th May).

Streamlining their rhythm section since their previous full-length release, PINS have upped the ante with danceable, disjointed disco-smattered punk rippers, absorbing the likes of Suicide, Soulwax, and LCD Soundsystem, albeit delivered with their assured aesthetic and feminine panache. 

Utilising their uncanny knack of luring in a roster of music icons as collaborators, PINS count Iggy Pop, The Kill’s Jamie Hince, and Fat White Family’s Nathan Saoudi amongst them, the latter two of which both feature on, what’s very likely to capture attentions of the mainstream, Hot Slick

Let’s see which tracks have been crucial to PINS’ lockdown living:


Orville Peck - 'Big Sky'

A heartbreaker, so beautiful! It’s the perfect track for when the day is done, the baby is in bed and I’m stepping into the bath. I love the whole record, the way each song is made up from the same small palette but they’re all so unique and special.

Funkadelic - 'Can You Get To That'

Honestly, I didn’t know that 'Rill Rill' by Sleigh Bells used a Funkadelic sample until just lately, but it’s cool because it lead me to this band and it feels good. Something to listen to in the sun - forget the doom and gloom.


Barbara Lewis - 'Hello Stranger' 

The first lines to this song are “Hello stranger, it seems so good to see you back again, how long hasn’t it been?”, and that in itself makes me well up. It makes me think of all the people I’m missing. Julia Holter has done a beautifully sparse cover of this which I also highly recommend. I do love this original version though, it’s a beautiful 60s soul song, full of tenderness. I love moping and staring out the window to this one. “It seems like a mighty long time".

Suede - 'The 2 of Us'

I was introduced to this song from the 1994 Suede album Dog Man Star when Tim Burgess played it on his Twitter listening party for this album. The album is impressive anyway, but this track leapt out at me. It has the same drama and tension as 'The Power of Love' by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, in my opinion. Brett Anderson’s voice is fantastic on it - I think it’s my favourite vocal performance from him. I love how the song winds down at the end then blasts back in with the final section, “alone but not lonely, you and me”. Best enjoyed with wine and low light.


BC Camplight - 'Back to Work'

BC is an incredible musician - I met him years ago drinking in Manchester and only listened to his music later. This track is off his new album, which have been listening to a lot. The album is around how he dealt with his father passing away, but far from being negative is very honest and humorous, positive even. I don't even know how he starts to set his lyrics to melodies, but the album is brilliant and this is my favourite track for sure.

Tina Turner - '(Simply) The Best'

I had to choose this because I've been re-watching Schitts Creek (including the new series) and me and my friend LOVE it - this is David and Patrick's song and I can't get enough of their love.

Hot Slick is out Friday 29th May via Haus Of Pins. To hear more from PINS, click here

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