'Quarantunes' with Holy Wave

We're getting recommendations from our favourite artists, seeing which tracks, or 'Quarantunes' are helping them traverse this strange new world. Next up, it's transportive Texans Holy Wave.
Posted: 3 July 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Despite their allure to all things bucolic and cosmic, Holy Wave's day-tripping brand of psychedelic rock is starkly rooted in reality. Or at least it's confines. With surfy reverb and shimmering synthesisers framing their aesthetic, the Californian five-piece share their universal optimism in seeking brighter pastures in the face of personal tragedy and suburban mundanity; though holy by name, Holy Wave are by no means sanctimonious. 

Their fifth album Interloper is out today, re-affirming their quest to envision the grandiose in the banal. To coincide with their release date, the five-piece have unveiled a livestream set with Levitation Sessions, projecting their kaleidoscopic version of the cosmos into your front rooms. Not an ideal scenario, but the transportive respite is more than welcomed with open arms and open minds.

Prior to their live session on 25th July, we caught up with the each member of Holy Wave to see which tracks have kept them grounded despite the displacement of Covid-19:


Love - 'Be Thankful for What You Got'

Love’s cover of 'Be Thankful For What You Got' by William DeVaughn is not only a beautiful tune, but a great reminder to us all. In no way do I condone complacency in this difficult era of humankind, but I do believe we should all appreciate the blessings we have (no matter how big or small). This song functions to empower and inspire those of us who are less fortunate and those who choose to believe in powers greater than consumerism. We could all use a lesson in that.


Duster - 'Chocolate and Mint'

This song has pretty much been on repeat since the shit storm began. They were supposed to play in Austin a few weeks ago, would’ve been very cool. 


Bob Dylan - 'Masters of War'

This song is more relevant than ever and more necessary in light of BLM/ACAB. We hold these truths to be self-evident.


Tomita - 'Reverie'

I’ve loved this song since I was a young guy. The music of Debussy and Satie really pushed me into learning the piano and writing music.


Preoccupations - 'March of Progress'

The way this band uses unconventional sounds to build their music is very on full display here, and it’s very inspiring.

Interloper is out now via The Reverberation Appreciation Society

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