Australian Psych Poppers Pond Release - The Weather

Posted: 8 May 2017 Words: Bianca Eddleston

Glistening production on new concept album, the group release seventh LP

Australian Psych rockers Pond have released their seventh album The Weather, available to stream on Spotify and Apple. Described as a concept album, it is evident of Pond's growing confidence as a group. Their usual musical diversity and melt-pot of influences have developed into something quite coherent on The Weather. Often thought of as a cousin to Tame Impala, with Kevin Parker as a one-time drummer. Several members of Pond play in Tame Impalas live set up. Kevin Parker also does much of the production work for Pond, so it really is a family affair. With members living in different cities and working as touring musicians with different tour schedules. Pond write and record when they all end up in the same place for a few weeks, usually at Christmas. Latest interview with DIY the band reveals how scattered they are in their musical influences and their geographical locations. The group still don’t seem to take themselves or their music too seriously. Pond albums sound like a bunch of friends getting together for fun. Always a danger of being seen as throwaway when a band represent like this, luckily The Weather speaks for itself.

The music speaks for itself

Their latest offering is a stronger version of Man It Feels Like Space Again, Hobo Rocket, and Beard, Wives, and Denim. The Weather glistens more, the production heavily features with sparkling synths and heavy to light shades of guitars from shimmery to space rock. Nick Allbrook's vocals both dreamy and heavily effected take on a different vibe for each song. The Weather finally feels like their diverse influences have melded together into something of its own. Paint me Silver is a standout track with its shimmery psych-disco and dreamy vocals, a definite contender for any summer road trip playlist. Sweep me off my Feet, again is a standout track with Allbrook channeling Prince in his vocal delivery. Colder than Ice is a more poppy experiment, 90's hip-hop beat's and a slightly cheesy sax feature. More laid back moments on the album such as Edge of the World Pt 1 have a distinct at Pink Floyd in vibe in parts. Pond have dropped us a great summer Psych album for 2017 with The Weather. A great addition to festival line-ups this year, see below for their UK and European tour schedule.

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