Pinegrove Share New Video For 'Endless'

The quarantine project explores the "tenacity & endurance of spirit".
Posted: 8 July 2020 Words: John Bell

Pinegrove have today revealed a new video for 'Endless', from their full-length Marigold. Directed by Brian Paccione, the video drifts from cold hues to warmer, brighter tones with the shifting of the seasons. 

Frontman Evan Stephens Hall has called the video "An exploration of tenacity & endurance of spirit", going on to contextualise the ideas behind it: "In this turbulent moment, as many of us are banding together to fight racism, to stay healthy in a pandemic, & to live with dignity through economic oppression, we belive in the power of resilience & perseverance. Keep going – it's working. We'll get there." View the video below. 

Marigold is the band's fourth studio album, and was released back in January. Today an expanded edition has been released on streaming platforms. 

Listen to more from Pinegrove here

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