Phoebe Bridgers performs 'I Know The End' on Seth Meyers - watch here

Bridgers brings a hopeful, tear-inducing rendition of the closer to recent album Punisher to an empty candle-lit theatre.
Posted: 30 September 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

The lack of live music hasn't curtailed Phoebe Bridgers' continued momentum since the release of her sophomore album Punisher (bound to end up in the upper echelons of annual album listings), racking up another stunning performance to add to her budding repertoire. 

Seemingly everywhere at present, the indie music idol has performed a hopeful, tear-inducing rendition of Punisher's closing track 'I Know The End' for Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Filmed in a lush, candle-lit theatre, giving off a real vigil vibe, the video sees Bridgers saunter through the warm surrounds backed only by a single piano, one camera tracking her every step. Until the crashing crescendo that is. 

See what we mean by watching the incredible performance below: 

Punisher is out now on Dead Oceans

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