Noga Erez shares new single and upcoming album details - watch 'End of the Road' here

The Tel Aviv singer/producer's new album KIDS is set for release on March 26th via City Slang.
Posted: 13 January 2021 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall Photos: Dudi Hasson

Politically-minded, socially conscious, and armed with bucket loads of acerbic swagger, Noga Erez has always had her finger on the pulse of the present. Her new single 'End of the Road', however, shifts her focus to the future. 

Revealed today alongside details of her new album KIDS set for release on March 26th via City Slang, the Tel Aviv alt-pop singer/producer confronts her own mortality whilst retaining her trademark political verve. 

โ€œThe world is a messy place. Iโ€™m not backing off from the politics of Off The Radar. KIDS is political, because nowadays, everything is political โ€“ even deciding not to get involved. KIDS is reflective of the time in which it was made.โ€ Erez states. 

Check out the accompanying video to the combative, beat-laden single below:

To hear more from Noga Erez, click here.

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