The Nix share their debut track, ‘The Highest’ featuring Kwamie Liv

The Nix, a new music project from ex-Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy, share their debut single 'The Highest' and reveal its music video directed by Angry Dan.
Posted: 28 April 2020 Words: Chris Hartmann

'The Highest' is the debut release from The Nix, a collective endeavour featuring Nick McCarthy, formerly of popular Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand. The track was co-written by featured artist Kwamie Liv (best known for her song 'Lost in the Girl') and The Nix band member Sergio Russek. The track features Kwamie on vocals and is the product of The Nix’s inclusive approach to writing and recording. 

“I met Sergio about a year before we both started playing in bands and touring the world,” explained McCarthy. “We met at a friend of a friend’s house in Mexico. I was on a backpacking tour with my soon-to-be wife Manuela in Mexico. Sergio and I stayed in touch and we’ve played shows together and started recording together now as well.”

The song was recorded at Nick's studio in East London, Sausage Studios. McCarthy set up the Hackney studio with an old friend and talented musician/producer Seb Kellig with the intention of writing and recording music in a way they wanted and worked for them.

The release of 'The Higher' is accompanied by an animated and colourful music video directed by Angry Dan, that perfectly encapsulates the joy of the track. 

Listen to more from The Nix, here

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