Interview: Q+A with MYSTIC PEACH

Interview: Q+A with MYSTIC PEACH New kids on the melodic-indie, slacker-pop block are socially conscious Southampton trio MYSTIC PEACH, who wish they owned a van.
Posted: 23 November 2018 Words: Bianca Eddleston

New kids on the melodic-indie, slacker-pop block are socially conscious Southampton trio MYSTIC PEACH, who wish they owned a van.

Hailing from Southampton are melodic indie-rock newcomers, Mystic Peach, made up of Curtis Gale (Guitar/vocals), Joe Ingram (Bass) and Jimi Allen (Drums). Having only played their first gig in late 2017, the band have already generated a fair bit of hype and a following locally on the South coast with their raucous 25 minute long, and intensely energetic live shows. Since the release of debut single ‘Downtown’, the trio has garnered attention from BBC IntroducingJohn Kennedy (Radio X) and Spotify after gaining a spot on ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist. Mystic Peach has just released their second George Murphy produced (The Big Moon, HMLTD, Yowl, Public Access TV) single ‘Across The Pond’ digitally and on a limited run of handmade, hand-stamped 7” vinyl via local indie label, Honeymooner Records. Capturing the anger and sarcasm of frontman Curtis Gales observations, 'Across The Pond' is a socio-political commentary packaged in a 90's grunge aesthetic of quiet, bouncy bass-led verse, followed by a thunderously scathing, loud chorus format. What's not to like? Mystic Peach is for fans of Peace, Sundara Karma and JAWS. Read our chat below. GigList: Describe your sound? Mystic Peach: Making bits of material wobble in space. GL: Do you think location influences music making and the songwriting process? Mystic Peach: No, maybe circumstances in locations may impact it, but not the location itself. GL: Your recent single ‘Across The Pond’ really impressed us, tell us about the recording of it... What was your favourite piece of studio equipment whilst making the track? Mystic Peach: Thank you, you’re too kind! Eastcote Studios with producer George Murphy. Definitely, the control desk, the temptation to move all the knobs and press all the buttons was aggravating. Rumour has it, it was once used for a Bob Marley record. GL: Dream piece of equipment/gear, that you don’t already own? Mystic Peach: A van. GL: You released your latest single on Southampton label Honeymooner records, how did that come about? Mystic Peach: They liked our early demos and asked if they could help in any way. We have a great mutual understanding and know what to expect from each other. Which is basically we write a song and they release it. GL: What are the main themes running through your music? Mystic Peach: Contradiction in life including politics/war... I think we’ve served our feelings on a plate. GL: What do your parents think of the band? Mystic Peach: Maybe a tad demanding on the ears and they can’t hear the words, but very supportive nonetheless. GL: What’s the music scene like in Southampton? Mystic Peach: It’s healthy. There is plenty of willing venues for live music and a strong community to keep these venues alive, despite how the council and boring, routine-based, robotic-like creatures surrounding them try to kill it. GL: Fave place to hang out in Southampton? Mystic Peach: Heartbreakers! GL: Are there any bands/artists on the south coast or otherwise that we should know about? Mystic Peach: Sad Palace, Number 9, Defcon Lawless to name a few, literally. GL: What live acts with a great live show are you enjoying right now? Mystic Peach: HMLTD is like a theatre show but interesting. Swedish Death Candy, the only band we’ve seen to have the bullocks to play Marshall stacks at a 100 cap venue. They’re loud! Ulysses Wells are incredible, highly recommend. Once we see them live I’m sure our new favourite will be Pigsx7. GL: What would be the Mystic Peach dream support slot? Mystic Peach: As long as we have a rider full of Pringles, any support slot is a dream come true. But Spandau Ballet if you really need to know... maybe Bay City Rollers. But before they came back. GL: What does the near future have in store for Mystic Peach? Mystic Peach: We’re organising our Christmas do currently. Secret Santa and all that. Looking forward to doing it. GL: One track/album that you’d all agree on? Mystic Peach: Yak - Alas Salvation

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