Watch Moby make an appearance in Twin Peaks

Watch Moby make an appearance in Twin Peaks. Moby was spotted playing guitar with Rebekah Del Rio performing a song co-written by show creator David Lynch.
Posted: 17 July 2017 Words: Katie Write

Moby is the latest artist featured in closing scene of Twin Peaks

Moby was spotted playing guitar at the Bang Bang Bar alongside Rebekah Del Rio performing a song co-written by one of the show’s creators, David Lynch. Twin Peaks was one of the top rated shows in 1990’s and was later cancelled after the second series due to declining ratings. After its cult following, the ABC show made a reappearance as well as being listed amongst the greatest television dramas of all time. Moby is an American DJ, record producer, singer, songwriter amongst many other talents; he’s also an animal rights activist. He’s sold an extremely impressive 20 million records worldwide. The artist continues being known for his electronic music, veganism and support of animal rights. He is also said to be “one of the most important dance figures of the early 1990’s” according to Allmusic. It’s well known that Moby and Lynch go back almost a decade, even having performed on camera together. Lynch also directed one of Moby’s music videos and Moby is a supporter of Transcendental Meditation education, Lynches foundation. Artists including Nine Inch Nails, Sharon Van Etten and Chromatics have also performed during the show. This comes only a month after Moby surprised us with a second LP under Moby & The Void Pacific Choir name, ‘More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse’. The project follows Moby urging Donald Trump to resign after making his belief that “the world is a millimetre away from collapse” clear. In a new music video for In This Cold Place, Trump is also depicted as Nazi-Esq. The video is raising much controversy and is extremely risky, possibly crossing the fine line of the Defamation Act 2013. However, Moby is known for being a firm protester for his beliefs and passions, it will be interesting to see what follows the project. Watch a sneak preview of the episode below.

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