Meilyr Jones announces live album 'Mimesis'

Meilyr Jones announces his live album - 'Mimesis' | 2016 Welsh Music Prize award-winner has announced a new live album - Live at the Round Chapel in Hackney
Posted: 26 October 2017 Words: Kerri Wynter

Meilyr Jones announces his live album, Mimesis, Live at the Round Chapel in Hackney.

After a busy year of touring the album '2013’, Meilyr Jones put on a “one-off [event]” that is being released as a limited LP. “Strictly limited to 300 vinyl copies,” the album will be released on 8th December; available to purchase and currently pre-order from only. The 2016 Welsh Music Prize award-winner states that the concert, (during what was supposed to be an album launch party in May 2016), is “the only time [he’s] done the album live with the full group…” Jones recalls “after getting the orchestra together and the choir, …it felt like a nice thing to open it out, to put on a free concert at the Round Chapel.” The live album was recorded on the night by Iwan Morgan, who worked with Jones on his debut album. Listening to Mimesis, (inspired by the noun’s meaning: to imitative representation of the real world in art and literature), Jones states "It was really nice… hearing how cavernous it sounded, […and to make] a record that feels completely live …not trying to make it too smooth, or changing anything later. It feels as it was." Jones has announced that all purchases of the LP “…will come with a video [filmed by Malcolm Williams] and digital download of the concert in full - including tracks not available on the vinyl.” A snippet of the “special evening” is now available to listen to on YouTube: 'Passionate Friend (Live at the Round Chapel)' Search from thousands of live music events across the UK here

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