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Husband and wife duo Mass Gothic has recently released their second studio LP I've Tortured You Long Enough via Subpop. GigList was lucky enough to catch up with Mass Gothic, with Jessica Zambri running us through the group's Top 5 go-to Tour Bus Tracks that keep them sane and entertained whilst on the road.
Posted: 18 September 2018 Words: Bianca Eddleston

Mass Gothic run us through their top 5 tour bus listens, track by track.

Husband and wife duo Noel Heroux and Jessica Zambri - aka Mass Gothic - from Queens, NY, have recently released their second genre-bending studio LP I've Tortured You Long Enough via Subpop. In support of this, the duo, along with their live band have just played two UK dates in Manchester and London - with more shows to come on the horizon. The second album sees the band take a much more collaborative view to the music, with their debut focussing heavily on Heroux by himself, throwing a hundred different ideas at the wall. Heroux describing it now as “the hellish sounds” of his own brain. With I've Tortured You Long Enough, their first project entirely committed to creating as a duo, the sound has evolved into a more intentional meeting-of-minds, forced in part due to a decision to leave their Brooklyn apartment, buy a car and live out of a duffle bag for a year while they wrote. Basing themselves out of LA with co-producer Josh Ascalon, Heroux recalls: "The entire record from start to finish was done without having our own place to live. Maybe we wouldn't have been able to do it if we were anchored at home. We were forced into it. Jess was trying to open me up and if we could have just sat on a couch and thrown on the TV it probably wouldn't have worked." "Overall it's a conversation between the two of us,” explains Zambri. It isn't autobiographical to the point of alienating its listener though. It’s important that the songs provoke. It's a record that concludes with the comfort in knowing that you can be both independent and successful in a relationship, which speaks quite literally of the pair's experience giving in to this process with one another." GigList was lucky enough to catch up with Mass Gothic’s Jessica Zambri, who ran us through the group's Top 5 go-to Tour Bus Tracks that keep them sane and entertained whilst on the road.

Listen to Mass Gothic Tour Bus Tracks below

Three 6 Mafia - 'Now I’m High Pt. 3'

Jessica Zambri: "Joe (drummer) just started playing this and others from Mystic Stylez and it became the backdrop on all of our tours, in the van, backstage, after the show, before the show too."

Saada Bonaire - 'You Could Be More As You Are'

Jessica Zambri: "Saada Bonaire “You Could Be More As You Are” - when it’s time to wake everyone up in the van, this one’s a good one to choose. We’re in a new city, let’s do something sorta song. Where are we gonna eat type thing."

Arab Strap - 'Cherubs'

Jessica Zambri: "Great for the scenic, more exciting drives and it’s usually one we go to often, but no one seems to mind."

Ata Kak - 'Obaa Sima'

Jessica Zambri: "This one’s more of a song we listen to right before we go onstage, but we can’t leave it off, because I listen to it pretty much exclusively on the road. Cristi usually captures us all dancing to it, too. I bet she’s got loads of those videos on her phone now."

Porter Ricks - 'Port Gentil'

Jessica Zambri: "Sometimes you don’t want to talk or think, I’ve used this one to talk myself off a ledge, those nervy times on the road. A go-to for middle of the tour, something to keep you going, like a water with vitamins in it or something like that." For more Tour Bus Tracks from other artists click here

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