LIVE: Los Campesinos! @ Islington Assembly Hall

To celebrate 10 years since the release of their third album, Romance Is Boring, Los Campesinos play it live at Islington Assembly Hall on Valentine’s weekend.
Posted: 20 February 2020 Words: Chris Hartmann
In what felt like a family reunion on an emotional night in North London, Los Campesinos perform a 2-set show to a capacity crowd at the Islington Assembly Hall. The Los Campesinos show is a part of the venue's 10th birthday programming.

The seven-piece indie pop/rock group formed at the University of Cardiff as a group of students came together initially via a shared love of Sufjan Stevens. Los Campesinos can boast that they were signed just six months after their first gig at the University of Cardiff student union. The band have now spent several years performing songs about failed romances, late-night losses, heart swells and heart-aches. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their third album, Romance Is Boring, and they're playing it live, in full at Islington Assembly Hall on Valentine's Day weekend.

Los Campesinos are treating the crowd in North London to an exclusive show, a complete rendition of their famous album Romance is Boring. They were followed it up by a full set spanning the career of Wales' most famous non-welsh music act. Los Campesinos maintain a passionate fanbase that has remained loyal over the past decade. Gareth Campesinos, the band's lead singer since 2006 could have taken the night off. The Islington crowd recited the words from nearly every song on Romance is Boring, to significant effect in the old theatre. Smiles beaming across the faces of every member of the band crammed onto the stage. Even when Gareth introduces "the worst song on the album" one of the "bottom five Los Camp tracks of all time" the crowd can can't stop singing along.

The band trailblaze through Romance is Boring, performing songs such as 'Plan A' and 'Who Fell Asleep In' for the first time live. Following a brief intermission, round 2 at the Islington Assembly Hall starts with the band wasting no time performing some of their most popular and energetic tracks from across their discography, the second set witnesses some of the crowd disperse a little more, with many fans releasing their iron grip on the front row. With hits like 'By Your Hand' and 'Avocado, Baby' the crowd resembled a riot. The room became charged with pure energy, and the sound of feet stomping could rival the band's most potent tracks.

Personal reasons prevent an encore, but this crowd could not ask for any more from Los Campesinos. Complete album renditions at a live show often add an extra layer of interest. Some of the most dedicated fans in the world can elevate a show with their unquestionable passion. Bring a band that has stepped away back to the stage, and their fans will be able to infect even the most casual fan of a group such as Los Campesinos!

Photo Credit: Jess Rowbottom

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