LIVE: Vanishing Twin present 'Pensiero Magico'

London's experimental pop troupe beg the question with their surrealist, monochrome livestream: why did it take so long for us to get to this? Sitting between a music film and a gig, it offers something different, occupying its own space in live music performance.
Posted: 21 January 2021 Words: Wes Foster

Entirely monochromatic, Vanishing Twinโ€™s livestream 'Pensiero Magico' marks a change in direction visible as most bands (as we persevere through our third lockdown) go from creating something that takes the form of a traditional gig and also something which becomes more creative, more abstract in terms of what it can be. Partly this seems to come from the realisation that gigs may still be a fair way off. Though it does beg the question: why did it take so long for us to get to this? This type of performance could have been going on for years and offers something different that sits between the music film and the live gig, occupying its own space. 

Vanishing Twin are a band whose line up comes from various and well regarded psychedelic places - many of the members played across notable musicians works. It is most definitely a collection of noises and sounds coming together, forming a psychedelic sounding board, influenced in parallel by more traditional pop writing. Much of the gig dips in and out of more instrumental synth/feedback lead pieces, and then more traditional pop tracks bleeding into one another. They seem to focus on an in-between space - compositions are less focused in the traditional hook loop and choruses, but instead formed in the creation of echoey soundscapes constantly evolving. Propelled by their excellent rhythm section, this becomes the main driving force for the band, and holds what otherwise may be somewhat slightly disparate together. 

Beginning around 2015 as a Cathy Lucas (lead singer) solo project and it is easy to see it beginning as a solo project - whilst the music may be propelled by that heavy rhythm section, it is the gravity of her writing which describes the vision of what it is. 

As with many livestreams, and normal gigs for that matter, it isnโ€™t really the easy bits that are the most arresting. As much as those known track are enjoyable, the most enticing part of a gig is those in-between parts, that give true character to a gig. Those spaces in which ideas formulate and the musicians can play off one another readily. And Vanishing Twin, in 'Persiero Magico', somewhere between a gig and a film, do that really well. 

To hear more from Vanishing Twin, click here.

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