LIVE: The Orielles, live from Trades Club Hebden Bridge

Despite the obvious emptiness, the band's usual energy and excitement brought some brightness to Calder Valley, putting Trades Club on the map and making it feel more homely than ever.
Posted: 7 December 2020 Words: Charlie Bristow

Halifax’s The Orielles continued their dismissal of the year’s hampering of live music with an outstanding livestream gig from Hebden Bridge’s Trades Club on Saturday 5th December. Bringing some much-needed income to the Club after a turbulent year, the band capitalised on a fantastic opportunity with a real homely feel despite the obvious emptiness. 

As with many venues, the Trades Club has faced huge loss and expulsion threats but The Orielles have offered some consolation. Attracting a large digital audience and with West Yorkshire in Tier 3, the gig brought some brightness to the town, putting the Calder Valley firmer on the musical map.

Interspersing tracks from both their albums, the band's usual energy and excitement is ever-present with a professional and organised manner. Beginning with, from 2020’s Disco Volador, an extended 'Come Down on Jupiter' and 'Rapid I'.  

Guitarist Henry Carlyle Wade declared early on, “We’ve got a set of some bangers and some oldies”, and his statement delivers. From 2018’s Silver Dollar Moment, 'Let Your Dogtooth Grow' is closely followed by a rare outing for 'Liminal Spaces', enhancing the exclusivity of this one-time gig. Before diving back into tracks from their latest release including '7th Dynamic Goo', 'Memoirs of Miso' and 'Bobbi’s Second World'. 

Despite the lack of performances this year, The Orielles have not lost any ground on their impressive instrumental credentials, each member brilliantly utilising complex but effortless pieces, as well as compelling live inclusions of hand-percussion instruments such as cowbells and vibraslaps raising the panache even further. 

“We’ll see you in the future, look after yourselves”, once a rather normal farewell but has deeper meaning in these uncertain times. The finale of 'Sugar Tastes Like Salt' is a brilliant way to round off the set, its mellifluous nature building to a crescendo and gently fading; The Orielles have brought a fantastic dose of reality into the upside-down world. 

Whilst live music may be missing in full glory, these alternative events are providing some of the missing pieces. The Orielles have been catalysts and will be back on the stage in the spring, making up for lost time and safe to say, there’ll be a large following behind them. 

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