LIVE: Caribou @ Warehouse Project, Manchester

Bringing his signature dance-psych sound to Mayfield Depot midweek, Dan Snaith and co. succeeded in hypnotising the renowned rave.
Posted: 1 November 2021 Words: Abi White Photos: India Latham

On a rather mild October Wednesday evening, Manchester's Warehouse Project is one of the last places anyone would think would be this busy midweek. Usually hosting their immense events sprawling over the weekends of Autumn into Winter, the Warehouse Project was once again bustling with music lovers.

Hailing from Canada, Caribou aka Dan Snaith (aka Daphni aka Manitoba) has over a decade of touring with this band set up under his belt, which has cemented Caribou’s reputation as not only a studio project but a live performance too.

With the gig initially supposed to be held in Manchester Academy back in May, the venue upgrade to the Depot at Mayfield meant there was much more space for dancing to the electronic-focused tracks. As the backdrops glistened and alternated between bright lights and warm pink glows, they almost mirrored the fluctuating synth within the tracks, whilst the electronic drum kit became the star of the show. The tone of the kits used teamed with the anticipation for the drops gripped the adorning audience and the addition of live instruments to the computer-made music gave the songs a richer tone.

Snaith’s songs are timeless too, with his 2010 track ‘Sun’ from his critically acclaimed album Swim - reminiscent of the 90’s rave culture - still being a highlight of the performance today in 2021. Building up with new layers and textures within his tracks, his signature sound rewards the audience who listen carefully to each new aspect which makes each drop all that bit more euphoric.

Placing his arguably three most popular and pleasantly catchy songs at the end of the set, his latest single ‘You Can Do It’, ‘Can’t Do Without You’ and ‘Never Come Back’ in quick succession, the band created a sense of exhilaration within the crowd and took them to another hypnotising dimension of their music - Caribou live is an absolute must see performance.

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