LIVE: Black Foxxes @ The Louisiana, Bristol

Finding their momentum after several lineup changes, the Exeter band summon their soft side without shying away from the grit.
Posted: 13 December 2021 Words: Verity Vincent Photos: Tom Dodd

Shows at Bristol’s popular venue The Louisiana always feel special and intimate. Black Foxxes was no exception. 

Originally from Exeter, the band have most recently been based out of Edinburgh and recording their self-titled third album which was released in 2020, following a shake up in the bands lineup. Mark Holley remains as lead vocalist, with long-time friend Jack Henley on bass and drummer Finn Mclean replacing Tristan Jane and Ant Thornton. However, Jack Barrett (one third of Black Flies) was standing in on bass for Henley this evening… confused? Stay with us…

Support for the evening was given from Emily Isherwood, a regular touring buddy of B.F. Hailing from Manchester and now a Bristol resident, Emily gave a stripped-back, intimate set that similarities to Phoebe Bridgers, even Laura Marling. Her delicate tone may've been jolting to a crowd that was there to hear something a little more raucous, but was well received, nonetheless. The small gig room was full (a great feat for any mid-week support act) and silent, soaking in the soft, emotive lyrics and gentle guitar riffs.

As Black Foxxes then kicked off their set with '45', 'Husk' and the infectious 'Drug Holiday', the crowd was hooked. Their mix of 90’s grunge and indie rock pumped out elements of Radiohead, Placebo, Nirvana, all tied up with the emotion of Ryan Adams. A tasty early Christmas present. 

The band possess this ability to lift a crowd so high with anthemic energy and then melt them down with the warmth of acoustic arrangements. As we saw as Holley gave a beautiful rendition of 'Molten Light' by Canadian musician Chad VanGaalen.

As the crowd soared once more, set closers 'River' and 'Badlands' vibrated around the room.  They embrace the emo, don’t shy away from the grit, and happily fly the flag for the ‘sad song’ subculture. Black Foxxes are absolute troopers of the touring and festival scene - if you’re yet to catch them live, they should without a doubt be added to your list of must-sees for 2022.

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