The Lexington sets up crowdfunding page to keep their doors open post-pandemic

London's beloved venue/pub is facing an uncertain future in the wake of Covid-19. Here's how you can support the cause:
Posted: 23 April 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

In the heart of Islington, London sits one of the city's most beloved pub/music venue matrimonies: The Lexington. Like many live venues across the world, it's facing an uncertain future amidst the grips of this global pandemic we're battling at present. The live music industry has been presented with challenges of all kinds, but The Lexington's obstacles are more immediate than most; if we want to return to some semblance of normality post-pandemic, then we need to preserve that which we hold dear. And that's live music, and the livelihoods of those involved. 

The threat of closure is very real, which is why The Lexington have started a crowdfunding page to raise the necessary £25k per month to keep their doors open. To help support the venue who have championed new music and burgeoning talent since 2008, head to their Crowdfunder page here

Managing to raise over half of the required funds to pay their staff in full whilst the venue remains shut, there's still some way to go. Let's hope we see them on the other side.

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