Leeds supergroup Magick Mountain reveal debut album - listen to 'King Cobra' here

Former members of Menace Beach and Pulled Apart By Horses band together for a brand new fuzzy and sludgy psychedelic project.
Posted: 13 July 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Leeds-based bands have previous when it comes to the scuzziest interpretations of garage-rock, punk, and psychedelia, and new supergroup Magick Mountain look to consolidate this local lineage with the announcement of their debut album Weird Feelings, self-released on October 23rd. 

Gestating over the past 18 months in the studio, Magick Mountain sees members of Menace Beach (Nestor Matthews) and Pulled Apart By Horses (Tom Hudson) flank seasoned session musician Lins Wilson who takes centre stage in the fuzzy, sludgy psychedelic trio. 

New single 'King Cobra' sets the tone for their debut full-length (complete with Alistair Crowley-esque imagery for the album artwork, albeit with playful, lurid technicolour graphics), a riff-laden riot of a track that merges a proto-punk urgency with mythological references and mantra-like vocals. In the band's own words, Weird Feelings is “a kind of bastardisation of tales and beliefs, blending together past, present and future", a hypnotic concoction worthy of it's varied creators. 

Check out the single below:

Weird Feelings is out on 23rd October. 

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