Johnny Jewel shares new track "Insomnia" listen here

The track appears on the Chromatics producer/multi-instrumentalist's new solo album "Windswept" Johnny Jewel's solo album Windswept is out today
Posted: 10 May 2017 Words: Bianca Eddleston

The track appears on the Chromatic multi-instrumentalist's new solo album "Windswept"

Jewel's solo album Windswept is out today via his own Italian's do it better label. The 14 track LP features collaborations with Glass Candy, Desire, Symmetry, and Heaven. Some of the tracks are also set to feature in upcoming Twin Peaks season 3. This is the third track Johnny has premiered, take a listen to Insomnia below.   [embed][/embed]   The Chromatics last LP Kill For Love was released in 2012. The band has since released a few teasers from its follow-up, Dear Tommy. Jewel's manager Alexis Rivera explained that Johnny was involved in a near-death accident in Hawaii over Christmas 2015. Afterward, he returned to California and apparently destroyed all physical copies of Dear Tommy. Since this dramatic turn of events, the album has been re-recorded. The group is apparently getting closer to releasing it. Until then we can feast our ear's on Jewel's soundtrack-esq solo creations. See Track listing and artwork for Windswept below. Windswept: 01 Johnny Jewel: “Television Snow” [with Symmetry] 02 Johnny Jewel: “Windswept” 03 Desire: “Saturday” 04 Johnny Jewel: “Missing Pages” 05 Johnny Jewel: “The Crimson Kiss” 06 Johnny Jewel: “Strobe Lights” 07 Johnny Jewel: “Heaven” [with Heaven] 08 Johnny Jewel: “Slow Dreams” 09 Johnny Jewel: “Insomnia” 10 Johnny Jewel: “Motel” [with Glass Candy] 11 Johnny Jewel: “Between Worlds” 12 Johnny Jewel: “The Flame” 13 Johnny Jewel: “Stardust” 14 Chromatics: “Blue Moon”

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