Interview: Q+A with FRANÇOIS

Interview: Q+A with FRANÇOIS We chat to the Liverpool based alt-pop musician, FRANÇOIS, about working with David Alexander of Summer Heart on his latest single 'HEARTED'.
Posted: 22 November 2018 Words: Bianca Eddleston

We chat to the Liverpool based alt-pop musician, FRANÇOIS, about working with David Alexander of Summer Heart on his latest single 'HEARTED'.

Liverpool's buzzy indie scene has continued to blow us away this year, we've already been keeping tabs on emerging acts such as Pizzagirl and Strawberry Guy amongst many other exciting artists. So it's no surprise that alt-pop musician FRANÇOIS decided to decamp from Brighton over a year ago to make Liverpool his musical home. FRANÇOIS has been popping up on our radar throughout 2018 after releasing a batch of new shimmery alt-pop singles via Silent Kid Records - ‘Tell Me’ has racked up over one hundred thousand streams on Spotify and his latest single 'HEARTED' was just added to the prestigious Spotify New Music Friday UK playlist. So what's next for FRANÇOIS? Well, he's already been making waves with his live show - his first gig was support for LA Priest and Pixx and he's since gone on to bag support slots with Aquilo, Summer Camp, Nimmo and Francis Lung. FRANÇOIS has been busy squirrelling away in the studio with Swedish electronic producer David Alexander, best known for his work as Summer Heart, keep your eyes peeled folks, there's more music is on its way next year! FRANÇOIS is for fans of Little Dragon, Chad Valley and Young Galaxy. Read our chat below. GigList: Hey, describe your sound? FRANÇOIS: I would describe my sound as synth pop. GL: You’re currently working with producer, David Alexander, tell us about the recording of your recent single ‘HEARTED’? FRANÇOIS: It was mainly produced in Malmö by David Alexander and the vocals were recorded here the UK. I recorded the vocals at home and sent them to David for the final mix and production.  It's a really great relationship that we have. I'm excited with what we are currently working on and I can't wait to put it out to public ears next year. GL: Do you think location influences music making and the songwriting process?  FRANÇOIS: I think locations can have a huge influence. I once wrote a track in Berlin whilst I was staying there and it kinda matched the atmosphere. Grey but beautiful. Since relocating from Brighton to Liverpool I'd say I've had lots of influence in my writing and lots more time to focus. The north seems to be more relaxing in terms of stress and this has benefited me hugely. GL: What was your favourite piece of studio equipment whilst making 'HEARTED'? FRANÇOIS: David used a Nord Lead 4 synth and I was over the moon about this, such a beautiful piece of kit. GL: Dream piece of equipment/gear, that you don’t already own? FRANÇOIS: Sequential Circuits Prophet-5. That would be a dream. GL: Indie label or major label, why? FRANÇOIS: This is a hard one. I'd say there are more indie labels that would be a dream to sign with; I've always dreamt of releasing some music via 4ad. I definitely wouldn't say no to a major though haha. GL: What are the main themes running through your music? FRANÇOIS: At the moment each track has been themed around love and trust and how two go together, but how both can clash. I tend to write a lot of lyrics about what I see around me, rather than directly about me. GL: Who or what most inspired you to make music? FRANÇOIS: Bombay Bicycle Clubs first EP, 'The Boy I Used To Be', was a big turning point for me musically. It really inspired me to keep writing and opened me up to a bunch of indie bands in 2009. GL: What is the music scene like in Liverpool? FRANÇOIS: The music scene seems to have a really cool underground feeling. There's lots of new electronic artists appearing and cutting through. It seems a great place to be making synthpop right now. GL: Fave place to hang out in Liverpool? FRANÇOIS: Nightcrawler, its a pizza slice bar attached to a really cool bar - The Merchant. They put on some decent nights and its quite the hub for creatives. GL: Are there any bands/artists in Liverpool that we should know about? FRANÇOIS: Niki Kand, Lennie Dies and Dee. GL: What live acts with a great live show are you enjoying right now? FRANÇOIS: I saw The Orielles supporting The Magic Gang a few weeks back and they blew my mind. So so so good. GL: What would be FRANÇOIS dream support slot? FRANÇOIS: Supporting RY X would be a dream for me. He has had a lot of influence over my creativity. GL: What does the near future have in store for FRANÇOIS? FRANÇOIS: I shall be releasing my fourth single early next year, more to announce on that soon. I hope to be playing many more shows across Liverpool and the UK next year. Photography: Balint Marjai

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