Interview: Q+A with Pizzagirl

Interview: Q+A with Pizzagirl A quick glimpse into the colourful and zany world of Liverpool based musician and producer Liam Brown, aka Pizzagirl.
Posted: 12 September 2018 Words: Bianca Eddleston

A quick glimpse into the colourful and zany world of Liverpool based musician and producer Liam Brown, aka Pizzagirl.

Liverpool based auteur Liam Brown aka Pizzagirl has been producing his own brand of quirky 1980's inspired bedroom pop for little under a year and already he's bagged a record deal with Manchester label Heist or Hit, toured the UK with label mates Her's, released an acclaimed debut EP and co-self-directed a bunch of music videos to accompany them. GigList first featured Pizzagirl back in May as part of our Lo-Fi tracks playlist, we've also been privy to the special Pizzagirl one-man live show - which we caught at Huw Stephens presents @ The Social in June. With a follow up to EP An Extended Play due out in November, the aptly titled Season 2 - we managed to catch up with the Pizzagirl for a quick chat in between his busy hive of activity. Read it below. Check out Pizzagirls' latest single 'highschool' - the first track taken from his forthcoming EP Season 2 due out in November via Heist or Hit. GigList: Hey! Introduce yourself... Pizzagirl: Pizzagirl is just your average normal beat makin’ bud who enjoys doing kickflips, eating slices and cooking beats! Not only am I not a girl, I am also not a pizza, which some people find to be quite shocking! GL: Nice, when and where did you start making music? Pizzagirl: I started making the melodies back when I was about 13-14 on the most premium and luxury smart tablet, the IPad 2 in the same place I still make music now which is a tiny cute n cosy place I now call the beatzzeria because I think “spare bedroom” is less glamorous! GL: Do you think location influences music making and the songwriting process? Pizzagirl: For me, I think a physical location shouldn’t be a prime source of influence! I think having a good environment to make music in mentally and physically is important but I also think you could live alone in the frosty alps and still produce some hot tracks! Liverpool though does have a fair share of exports to cherry pick inspiration from, however! GL: You’re a one-man production unit, producing all your music from the comfort of your bedroom, fave piece of studio equipment? Pizzagirl: I wouldn’t really say it is studio equipment but a cardboard cut-out of Jennifer Grey that is stuck on the wall in the beatzzeria is very important to me! It’s a gentle and yet sometimes ominous reminder that a lot of the music I make comes from a love of 80s films and heroines! I think a close second would be my Casio 90s MIDI keyboard that has all the freshest tones and rhythms! GL: If you could add one new piece of gear to your home studio, what would it be? Pizzagirl: A BASS GUITAR! I really am on the lookout for some new phat strings to slap as my current bass is getting weak and frail and I don’t really know if I can jam out to my maximum potential with it! I really enjoy slapping a groovy bass line so having a new axe in which to do so would be DELICIOUS! so if anyone has one they can send it “The Beatzzeria, PO Box Pi33A PI3”!! thank u x GL: Tell us what your label Heist or Hit offers you, considering you take such a DIY approach to everything? And was it an easy process allowing others into the Pizzagirl behind the scenes world? Pizzagirl: The beautiful guys at the label offer me more than this humble girl could ever ask for! Although all the sounds are created at home, the real magic happens over in Manchester where my label fathers (Mick, Martin & Pat x) work x5 hard to make sure all the bands they look after are LOOKED AFTER! They put the pizza in the girl! I think I am always cautious to bring anyone into the often strange world of me, but I don’t think I could have found a more fitting bunch of dudes to fit the casting! Deep down they are wackier than I! GL: Do you see yourself venturing into a flashy recording studio in the future? Pizzagirl: I will never say never to one day stepping my toes into a fancy flashy luxury studio someday BUT I think I’d love the idea of having a large space to experiment with sounds that I’d never be able to make in my humble domicile! I”m happy and content in my room but maybe I’ll flirt with the idea of a studio one day when I’m 64! GL: Where did your band name come from? Pizzagirl: The name Pizzagirl I think is an anti-name really, I think I could have spent hours coming up with something deep and meaningful and aloof, but sticking with something a bit goofy and thoughtless I think helps to introduce people to this world I’ve crafted online almost immediately! My friends and mum hated it when I first introduced them to it, but now they’re HOOKED! GL: How would you describe your sound? Pizzagirl: I could equate my music to almost a a dense pizza pie! I think the base is a love of pop music, the sauce is a touch of the 1980s, the cheese is the MIDI synths and the toppings are flavours of modern electronic music! Now if that doesn’t sound good enough to eat then you need to renew your tastebuds! GL: So far, we’ve heard one brilliant EP from you and there's another on the way in November, tell us about the inspiration behind Season 2 EP? Pizzagirl: Thank you for your lovely words about EP 1 I appreciate this!!! Season 2 is a melting pot of 80s film soundtrack melodies, glitchy pop and smooth silky sadness! The name is obviously a reference to it being my second EP but also to the idea that it’s some sort of tv show where I (pizzagirl) am the host! GL: Awesome, what are you listening to at the moment? Pizzagirl: I’ve been listening to a lot of MJ as always, a lil bit of TOPS to make my morning showers that even more sensual! I really need to listen to a lot more new music so if anyone has any spicy tips and tricks throw them my way! GL: Where is your fave place to hang out in Liverpool? Pizzagirl: I usually am always hanging around Nightcrawler Pizza where they do a lot of wickedly talented and cheap slices! Sometimes me and my buds like to hit the docks and watch the sunset and grab a milkshake too! GL: Describe an average Friday night in Liverpool... Pizzagirl: An average Friday in Liverpool can be quite the adventure! If you find yourself in the main clubbing part of town you can expect in the early hours of the morning for the streets to be lined with cheesy chips and pizza boxes and a large mass of people to be stumbling around singing top40 beats with questionable harmonies! You can BET I’ll be there! GL: What live acts are you liking right now? Pizzagirl: I found myself at Greenbelt festival this year with my label babies Her’s and I heard in the distance IBIBIO Sound Machine and I couldn’t help but love the funky licks and energy coming from everyone who was watching them! Ironically I’m not the biggest gig lover ever, but they certainly were unlimited amounts of fun! GL: What would be the Pizzagirl dream support slot? Pizzagirl: If I could hit the road with anyone I’d love to hit it with David Byrne, I think he’s the coolest! I also wouldn’t mind rockin’ with Mac Demarco, Phoenix and Grimes! That would one to tell my cyberpunk grandkids! GL: What has been your most memorable live show to date? Pizzagirl: Reading and Leeds were for sure a highlight in my still brief musical career but I’ve had my fair share of fun shows in my short time! I fondly remember hitting up Bournemouth with my guys Her’s to play a show at this heavy metal club and I loved it! the mics were bloody the crowd were sweaty and so was I and I remember getting my ear licked which was a new and interesting experience that I recommend you trying right now! Hopefully, my future shows will be just as thrilling and enjoyable and I might hopefully see your beautiful faces there too! Check out Pizzagirl live @ Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester, 6th October. Photo credit: Pizzamum.

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