Hoops Break Hiatus With Sophomore LP Halo & New Single 'Fall Back'

The Indiana band's second full-length will be released 2nd October.
Posted: 24 June 2020 Words: John Bell Photos: Pamela Ayala

Dream-pop trio Hoops have returned with a new single 'Fall Back', as well as news of their second full-length, Halo, set for release on 2nd October. The announcement ends the Indiana band's effective hiatus that came shortly after the release of their 2017 debut Routines

The trio are comprised of multi-instrumentalists Drew Auscherman, Kevin Krauter and Keagan Beresford. Since their hiatus, Krauter has released two solo albums and started a hardcore project with Auscherman, whilst Beresford returned to his college degree. It was Auscherman who in late 2019 floated the idea of practicing together: "We were trying out crazy ideas, doing things on the fly, and not getting super caught up in things not sounding how we thought they would. I think a good way to describe our band is that we all produce each other." 

The band's return was hinted with single 'They Say' back in November, but is today confirmed with news of the follow-up record, which will be released on Fat Possum Records. Hear 'Fall Back' and find the full tracklisting below.

Halo tracklisting:

1. Glad You Stayed
2. Fall Back
3. Blind
4. Ride
5. Everyone You Know
6. Heart Never Stops
7. They Say
8. Quiet Games
9. Total Disregard
10. I'm On TV
11. When It Goes

Halo is out 2nd October 2020 on Fat Possum

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