LIVE: Hollywood Undead @ Kentish Town Forum

Hollywood Undead mark the dawn of new era and sound direction with a London show at the Kentish Town Forum and the release of their 6th album.
Posted: 18 February 2020 Words: Tony McNab
The anticipation could be felt amongst the crowd as fans waited patiently for Hollywood Undead to take to the stage at the Kentish Town Forum. This show was set to be special from the start. Not only is it Valentine's day, but this show is the launch show for Hollywood Undead's sixth album New Empire, Vol 1, (a title befitting of a new era and a new sound for the band) meaning these fans will be the first to hear brand new songs played live. Hollywood Undead shows are always energetic and highly entertaining. No one in the sell out crowd would accept anything less this evening.

The band kicked off the set with 'Time Bomb' which has the typical anthemic qualities associated with a lot of Hollywood Undead songs. Although this song has been released for a few months now, this is the first time the band are playing it live and the response from the crowd is extremely positive. As the first song ends and some of the band members swap out their instruments, the lights go down and the recognisable synths of 'Undead' start-up and the crowd erupts. Hollywood Undead are well and truly in full swing.

Anthem after anthem, the band play through their set, with the crowd singing every single word, even to the new songs. This is part of the magic at Hollywood Undead shows. A lot of the songs are eminently catchy and the lyrics are picked up quickly. This creates an atmosphere that all bands wish they could recreate at shows. The whole set feels like one long song and is an experience worth every penny.

It doesn't feel long before the lights go down again, and the band leave the stage. Some low-powered spotlights are used to light up the stage a little and the crowd begins to chant the opening lines to 'Everywhere I Go'. After two cycles of these lyrics, the band kicks into gear, and the crowd continue to chant the words in time to the music until Charlie Scene (lead singer) joins in and the band complete their set for the evening.

Whether people were single or taken, there aren't many better ways to spend a Valentine's day evening then singing along to Los Angeles' finest rap-rock band. The band have made it very clear that this new album is the start of a new era, there is a lot more to come from Hollywood Undead.

Photo Credit: Jan Brauer

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