Pyramid Stage falls silent in honour of Grenfell Tower victims

Peter Hook gathered the crowds at Glastonbury for a minute’s silence as a tribute to those who have and died in Grenfell Tower and recent terror attacks.
Posted: 23 June 2017 Words: Kirstie Summers
It has been a terrifying month for Britain. A terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester saw 23 people killed and a further 119 injured. Just days later, a group of three terrorists tore through Borough Market attacking people in the local bars and pub, killing seven people and injuring 48. Barely a week after, a 24-storey block of public housing flat caught alight resulting in the deadliest fire in Great Britain since World War II. Only a handful of fatalities have been formally identified, with dozens of people presumed dead and many more in hospitalised and in critical condition. Everyone who lived in the tower who is lucky enough to have survived with their lives and limbs intact has lost their home and all their possessions. Many are still homeless. On the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook and Rowetta of the Happy Mondays gathered the crowds for a minute’s silence as a tribute to those who have suffered and died in these tragic events. Before giving up the stage to Hacienda Classical, Hooky took a moment to address the crowd at the bequest of the founders of the festival: Good morning and welcome to Glastonbury. I’ve been very kindly asked by the Eavis family to lead this minute’s silence and could we please use it as a chance to send our hopes and our prayers for love, life and freedom – the things that we are here to celebrate. We send our sympathies to everyone effected by the events in London and Manchester, and everyone effected in Grenfell Tower.” While neither attacks nor tragic accidents should ever prevent people from living their life to fullest and making the most of every moment they have on this earth, it is important to take the time to remember those who have lost everything. Many local groups in the area of the Grenfell Tower fire have been so flooded with generous donations of clothes, food and essentials that they no longer have the resources to manage it all. However, monetary donations are still being accepted and anyone wishing to help can donate here.    

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