LIVE: Georgia @ Heaven, London

Georgia takes her audience on a journey through space with a megastar performance at Heaven in Central London.
Posted: 16 March 2020 Words: Tony McNab
As the first drum beat echoes around the arches that Heaven is situated in, it would be hard to imagine a better setting for an unconventional drummer.

It's fair to say that expectations are high for Georgia. The venue, known as the birthplace of ambient house. Georgia herself, the daughter of influential Leftfield co-founder Neil Barnes. As lights bear down on to an expectant crowd, Georgia doesn't hesitate to draw them into her world of electropop. It's not often that you can witness a solo artist behind a drum kit. Still, this unusual combination is what makes Georgia a potential megastar.

Not quite pop, not quite dance, but a combination of the two is what creates such a euphoric atmosphere. The entire club is moving with every beat, and it feels like Georgia has already been performing all night. Georgia opens the show with her latest single '24 hours' grabbing the attention of everyone still at the bar. The crowd comes streaming into the main room to witness the beginnings of an epic performance. While the music is quite obviously, EDM influenced, the lyrics take their direction from pop music. The songs are easy to learn, and the crowd were not only singing along with her well-known songs but the lesser-known choruses as well.

In the underground chamber of Heaven, with its exposed brickwork metal scaffolding, it feels like a scene from a sci-fi movie. All of the lights turn green with one of the standout moments in the set as Georgia performs the futuristic 'Ray Guns'.

The set moves on with song after song that sounds like classic songs from a greatest hits collection. It's hard to believe Georgia isn't headlining festivals quite yet. The interval arrives too soon, but no one is leaving early. Everyone wants to see what Georgia has for the encore. She returns with the sound of dramatic and futuristic synths to demonstrate she can perform just as well in a more soft key. The show ends with Georgia's cover of 'Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)' by Kate Bush, adding her electropop spin to it.

A seriously talented musician, Georgia is proving she can follow in her father's footsteps and live up to the 'Barnes' family name. She may not be a household name yet, but it's only a matter of time before Georgia blows up, and when she does, it will be a surprise it didn't happen sooner.

Photo Credit: Linda Brindley

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