Faye Webster unveils wistful new single 'In a Good Way'

The Atlanta-based artist adds another gem to her acclaimed repertoire, complete with accompanying video for the stand-alone single.
Posted: 16 April 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Faye Webster has shared new stand-alone single 'In a Good Way', the first sign of new music from Webster since her critically acclaimed debut Atlanta Millionaires Club hit airwaves last year. 

A stripped-back, heartfelt, and wistful R&B folk track, 'In a Good Way' aesthetically feels like a continuation of her recent album; utilising the same writing/recording process, Webster has said it's important to preserve the vibe formed throughout a jam, often writing and recording in quick succession with minimal overdubs on a live track. If it ain't broke don't fix it as the old adage goes. 

Webster's standout single 'Kingston' released in 2019 suggested she's steadily begun forming her own ephemeral universe within each track, and her recent effort only proves she's an artist with a bright future. 

Check out the accompanying video, co-directed by Webster herself and regular collaborator Hunter Airheart above. 

To hear more from Faye Webster, click here.

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