Dot to Dot Festival 2021: Ones To Watch

As the day festival the takes over both Bristol and Nottingham this very weekend, here’s who we think you should check out.
Posted: 21 September 2021 Words: Jim Howells Photos: Derek Bremner

Dot To Dot Festival takes over Bristol and Nottingham this very weekend for a day at a time, so now's the perfect time to scour the set times, get out the highlighters, and prepare for one of the most exciting days of new music in the UK.

With an almost intimidating amount of artists to choose from, set clashes are practically guaranteed, making the task of choosing who to watch even more difficult. Here’s who we think you should check out, if you trust us that is:

Chubby and the Gang

Chubby Charles and friends really don’t need an introduction these days, with their debut Speed Kills and the recently released Mutts Nuts taking the country by storm, but since they're so good live, it's hard not to. 

While their songs have been taking over the airwaves, and reigniting this bizarre-but-welcomed 'Oi!' resurgence they have accumulated a loyal fanbase of dads and mullets in almost equal measure.

Having cut their teeth in what many consider to be the 'Golden-era-of-London-Hardcore', their DIY roots will see the O2 Academy transformed into a slurry of mic-grabs and gang vocals. 

Expect raucous behaviour at the front of the stage, and Lammo-lovers and ale at the back. 

Snapped Ankles

Self-described as "forest folk...descended from the trees" Snapped Ankles’ most recent release, Forest of Your Problems, is a confusion of influence.

Imagine Krautrock grooves, tribal percussion, and post-punk commands all left to souse in a fuzzy electronic bath for a while. The resulting sound is very unique and very much worth seeing live, as their ghillie-suited live performances really do step things up a notch.

Don’t worry about the name, their ankles are very much intact, and yours will be too.


After a recent headline tour in support of their 2020 release 925 was thwarted by the big C, Sorry released the Twixtustwain EP, proving that they still know how to get weird. Songs ebb and flow in a glitzy haze of synth, cool bass lines and that signature uncoupled monotone vocal. 

They’ve been described as “London pop chameleons”, making “ennui sexy” if you fancy an afternoon mope. If want to look cool while doing it though, Sorry are for you.


South-London vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Wu-Lu blends elements of grunge, post-punk, dub, and rap, creating a refreshing amalgamation of good shit. 

With a CV that includes working with the likes of Poppy Ajudha, Ego Ella May, and Nubya Garcia, plus his collective Touching Bass, his early lo-fi sounds have evolved, cementing the bridge between the genres his music traverses. 

Expect energy, and sometimes, two drummers. Which is always cool. 

deep tan

Having made a name for themselves amongst the London underground in-crowd, deep tan are often compared to The Slits, which seems like an easy, albeit flattering comparison, but they’re much more than “a band that sound like The Slits”.

Sonically, they are born from post-punk but the sound bends and weaves, creating musical contrasts with sparse rhythmic dynamics while speaking out sex-workers rights and celebrating the freedom to party. 

Former label-mates with everyone's fave Squid, and regularly sharing stages with Madonnatron and Waterbaby, their live shows are sultry, atmospheric experiences worthy of everyone's attention.

Dot To Dot Festival 2021 takes place 25-26th September in Bristol and Nottingham. For more info and for tickets, click here.

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