Dan Carey + Georgia come together for new single 'Nothing To Say'

Savage Gary (Carey) and the electro pop wunderkind collaborate for Speedy Wunderground's Quarantine Series.
Posted: 29 March 2021 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall Photos: Ryan Saradjola

Speedy Wunderground's indie pop revolution continues with the release of the latest single in their Quarantine Series, a collaboration between Mercury Prize-nominated wunderkind Georgia and Savage Gary, aka Dan Carey

Carey seems to be at the helm of anything interesting in London's indie scene, and his latest project with the electro pop singer/drummer takes an interesting beat-heavy approach like much of Carey's work under his Savage Gary pseudonym. He's even got his 16 year old daughter Orla Carey to mix the track. 

Georgia and Carey are long-term friends and when the opportunity to work together again presented itself, it was a no brainer: "I love Savage Gary. I love Dan." said Georgia. "When he sent me the initial beat it was so different and beautiful in its simplicity that the melody just came to me instantaneously. I put down the vocals in a couple hours and sent them to Dan.... next thing you know it sounds like this! FIRE."

Other collaborators in the label's Quarantine Series include PVA, Kae Tempest, Willy Mason, DEWEY, Goat Girl, and Warmduscher, with lockdown restrictions seeing Carey's veer away from band-based methodology. Carey himself said about the project: "I’ve always loved electronic music – but because Speedy is so band-based – it has naturally led to more of that post-punk thing I suppose we’re known for. However because of COVID it’s forced us into this new way of working, which has been a positive – as it’s letting these other influences, which were always there – come through".

Listen to the track below:

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