Live: Cub Sport @ Headrow House, Leeds

Australian Indie-Pop act Cub Sport bring the UK leg of their tour to Leeds’ Headrow House. A symphony of piano-driven synthpop and awe-inspiring vocal delivery delivered by a front-man at the top of his game.
Posted: 25 February 2019 Words: Tom Dibb

A symphony of piano-driven synth-pop and awe-inspiring vocal delivery delivered by a front-man at the top of his game.

Australian indie-pop act Cub Sport brought the UK leg of their tour to Leeds’ Headrow House, opening the show as was the solo showcase of 'Unwinding Myself;. The acapella stylings of the track gave the show an immediately intimate feel, with those in attendance wowed as frontman Tim Nelson soared from note to note with seamless precision, demonstrating his vocal range. Following this was a plunge into the band's indie-pop stylings with the track, ‘Video’. The track served as a stark but pleasing contradiction to the show's opener. Featuring synth-focused hooks, that never detracted from Nelson’s duty as frontman, as his undeniable charisma whipped the crowd up into a frenzy, cementing the intimate connection forged in the opening of the show As the show reached its midway point tracks such as the dreamy ‘Party Pill’ received airings and demonstrated many sides to both the band and their sound. Each track varying from dream-pop synth to more bass and guitar driven sounds. Each variation of this style came with admiration from the admittedly sparse audience. This point also featured some of the shows more tender moments such as track, ‘Come Out’ which was prefaced with Nelson's own personal experiences. Those in attendance greeted each track with undeniable excitement with certain sections moshing in sequence with each swoop of a synth-hook or rumble of bass. The show was perfectly encapsulated by closing track ‘Come on Mess Me Up’ with the band reaching their crescendo, with each chord or vocal delivery coming with such emotion it was almost impossible to not get swept up in the wave of euphoria coming from the speakers. This was a feeling felt by those in attendance with each and every section of the crowd in full chorus with the show closer. Cub Sport demonstrated their undeniable strengths in Leeds. Seamlessly flipping from track to track with never once losing that crowd connection established at the shows start, it must be stated that this was a very strong showing and leaves the feeling that the best is still yet to come for the Australian Indie-pop act. For more live reviews see here

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