The Brian Jonestown Massacre unveil unreleased demos to mark 30th anniversary

BJM's cult icon and band leader Anton Newcombe revealed their birthday present to fans on Twitter today.
Posted: 24 November 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

Tempestuous cult icons, divisive psychedelic deities, the original retro-rock revivalists; whichever your opinion of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, their imprint on the course of contemporary guitar music over the past 30 years is undeniable. That's right, 30 years. 

To celebrate their third decade of existence, prolific band leader Anton Newcombe revealed earlier on Twitter an extensive collection of unreleased demos will now be available on YouTube. 

Renowned for his frequent output, it's the first 'new' music we've heard from Newcombe since their eponymously titled album from last year. Whether or not any of these demos will become fully-fledged tracks for future releases, we'll have to wait and see.

For now, there's a near half-century of demos and ideas to sift through - see below. Bon anniversaire BJM!

To hear more from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, click here.

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