Breaking Through | 5 Questions with TATYANA

There's a tendency to clump classically-trained musicians in with the 'ethereal' tag, but there's no danger of stereotyping this London-based pop purveyor.
Posted: 23 June 2020 Words: Tom Curtis-Horsfall

For Fans Of: Purity Ring, Tirzah, Lykke Li

There's a tendency to clump classically-trained musicians in with the 'ethereal' tag, but there's no danger of stereotyping London-based pop purveyor TATYANA

A formidable harp player, TATYANA's environs shift organically between the underground rave scene of her home city, playing harp on tour with the likes of Neneh Cherry, as well as embracing a nomadic lifestyle finding in fascinations in Holland, Russia, Singapore, and Boston for instance.

This transience is apparent in her music - based on the singles from impending EP Shadow On The Wall, TATYANA's varied, considered, and empowered approach to pop music is witchy yet soulful, celestial yet sultry. 

With her latest single 'OOT' out today, we caught up with the multi-faceted harpist:

What first got you into music?

My parents' ABBA Gold CD. It made me fall in love with 'perfect' pop and ever since then I’ve been trying to write a song as good as 'The Winner Takes It All'. 

How would you describe your creative process in terms of writing/recording? 

I like to start songs with my voice. Singing is the most sincere expression of feeling - that’s why we sing in church and round the campfire. That’s my way in, entering a sincere space through my voice. 

What is your favourite song to perform? 

I have an old song that’s not on the EP but it’s a crowd favourite. Its very bass-heavy, sexy, and I love performing it early in the set coz it gets people moving. 

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be and why?

I’d love to open up for Grimes, Robyn or Tame Impala. They're all impeccable artists who have inspired me, and who I would be honoured to share a stage with. 

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

I think we’re gonna see a lot more changes coming thanks to our increasingly digital existence. I’d like to say it’s a good thing coz I feel so connected to music borne by way of the internet - and in many ways it is - but I think the main impact is that it has made music free. I guess the question is - should it be? How much do we value music? 

Shadow On The Wall is out on 17th July via Sinderlyn.

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